El Paso Juarez art events Jan 14-20 2008

Tuesday Jan 15
Luis Pegut is having an opening of his photographs called Mundos Epicos, Cuerpos y Velaturas at Restaurante Italianni’s at the Centro Commercial Las Misiones in Juarez at 7 pm.
Ruben Center.
I have been told, though those churls have not actually sent me information, that the annual faculty art show will be going up starting today. The official reception is around the 24th, but you can take a look without all those pesky crowds now. Oh, I forgot the crowds is why you go. I’m told the majority of the work is sculptural rather than designed for the wall as in previous years.

Thursday, Jan 17
Adair Margo gallery hosts an opening of works by Lydia Bodner-Balahutrak and phtographs by Joel Salcido and Jody Schwartz. 5:30-7:30

INBA, in Juarez, is having a show of works from its collection. I understand there are some needed repairs going on at the museum. They will be having a new exhibition towards the end of the month.

Friday Jan18
Lydia Bodner Balahutrak will be giving a talk on her work at noon at Adair Margo.

Hal Marcus is having a clearance sale with their artists present today and Saturday

And that’s all I’ve got for now.
Last Saturday, I wandered over to the new University Library at the Cultural Center of the North in Juarez. What a delight. It is light, airy contemporary. There are couches and a cafe with huge windows and a great view. Hanging from a wire at the moment are large photographs of street scenes in Juarez. This has only been opened a few months, and I know where I am going to be spending my time.


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