Chinese Cultural Affairs Minister in El Paso

I got an email last Monday about this and while I was going to wait for a few weeks, I think it’s important enough to give a heads up now.
The Chinese Cultural Affairs Minister Sun Jiazheng is going to be giving a free talk at the El Paso Museum of Art Friday, Feb 1 at 10 am. They’re even having a free continental breakfast starting a half hour before.
I think this is a pretty great thing for El Paso, and when I got the email I figured it was directly related to Adair Margo’s trip to China last spring as part of the President’s Commission on Arts and humanities delegation.
Adair, a woman who could probably convince a cat to enter a bathtub, confirmed this and told me that when she heard the Minister has never been further west than DC she convinced him to visit.
It should be interesting to hear him, and it should be interesting for him too; he has obviously eaten in thousands of Chinese restaurants, but I’m betting this is one of the few places where he can go into a Chinese restaurant and order a burrito.
Anyway, if unlike me you’re not working then, you should definitely make a point to go hear what he has to say.-David Sokolec


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