Sara Laguera explores borders and lines at INBA

I almost missed a great show at INBA. Ceramicist Sara Laguera has produced some extraordinary ceramic work for her show Trazos de Territorio at INBA in the Pronaf area of Juarez. According to her statement sheis interested in exploring borders and limits, but she has expanded that to include a very broad range-the human body as well as continents. Thus her pieces include human forms created from globe reparesentations. She is fascinated with lines, and geometry as well, which are also included in her idea of frontier and boundary exploration. These are forms and representations made from a variety of sculptural material which in some cases represent different continents, in other cases the boundaries within and between people.
She was born in Mexico City but raised on a farm so she considers this duality between urban and rural to be a great part of herself. She studied at the Kennedy School of Art in Long Island, the San Carlos school of Art in Mexico City and the Southwestern Arts and Crafts Center in San Antonio. I’m not really a fan of a lot of ceramic work-I don’t know enough but what she has done here is wonderful-forming bodies and globes and representations of lands and culture in free standing 3 dimensional ceramic works. The show is only up until Dec 8 so you should go soon.
The other show in the main room is by someone who I guess has more prestige, but I wasn’t as impressed. Imagenes Profanes by Jose Garcia Ocejo only represents one portion a much larger body of his work. He was an architecture student, but after meeting Diego Rivera in 1947, and with his encouragement, he ultimately abandoned architecture to devote himself to plastic art. This series of paintings and drawings concerns erotica and theatrical representations. There is a good deal of humor and of course heightened theatricality. The style reminded me of someone and I couldn’t figure out who, but I think it might be some of Jean Cocteau’s drawings. In any case, they are obviously well done, and interesting but I would like to see some of his other work because there was obviously something more there. His self-portrait here reminds one of Dali. Much of the work reflects Greek classical themes as well as work for the opera Carmen. This show is up until Jan 8.
Both of these are worth taking a look at, but Laguera gets my vote.-David Sokolec


One Response to “Sara Laguera explores borders and lines at INBA”

  1. Lilliam Gonzalez Says:

    Hola Sara, espero te acuerdes de mi, nos conocimos en San Antonio en el Southwest School, junto con Cristina construimos un taller de cerámica cerca de la ciudad de México, nos gustaría tener contacto contigo para avisarte de cursos y conferencias, avisa en donde estás viviendo, mi teléfono celular es 55-39-55-64-99, te mandamos un abrazo.


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