El Paso/Juarez Events 11/5-11/11

Wednesday 11/7
Carmen Navar is having a reception for her Art Windows Show at the El Paso International Airport at 2:30 pm.

Thursday 11/8
Here is something that should get people out of their chairs and on their feet. El Paso Museum of Art hosts sarah Lippert speaking on An Exemplar of French Eighteenth-Century Portraiture: Hyacinthe Rigaud’s A French Magistrate of Requests. This is part of the Hidden Perspective: visiting Scholar lecture series. 6:00 pm

Andrea Gussi is having an opening of paintings and sculpture at La Cava (Blvd Tomas Fernandez 7781) Juarez  7:30 pm

Una exposición de pintura y escultura de Andrea Gussi

este jueves a las 7:30 pm,


(Blvd. Tomás Fernández # 7781)

Friday 11/9
Expoarte. 2007. This is a huge spectacle mixing art, culture and sponsored by the Mascarenas Foundation in Juarez. To be held at the Centro Convenciones Cibeles (Bulevar Tomas Fernandez 8450) in Juarez. Cost is 125 US dollars. 7 pm

Again at the EPMA Dr Stephanie Taylor will be giving a lecturte on Peter Max and Pop art. 2 pm.


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