Events in El Paso/Juarez 10/20-10/28

This seems to be a very slim week for activities. At the moment the only thing I have is a lecture this Sunday on “Lavinia Fontana and the Passion of Private Devotion” given by Caroline Murphy.  She will focus on hrist with the Symbols of Passion” from 1576. This work by Fontana is in the EPA Kress collection.

This is the second in a series of lectures on works from the Kress collection.  Caroline Murphy is an expert on Renaissance Women having written two books on the subject and consulted with the National Museum of  Women in the Arts exhibition on Renaissance women. I would like her opinion on why it appears that Lavinia Fontana’s name is written as Fontama on the bottom left of the painting. The “n” appears normally in Lavinia.

Anyway that is what I have. Perhaps everyone is laying low in preparation for all of the Day of the Dead festivals next week, as well as some other openings.-david sokolec


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