El Paso Artist Willibald deCabrera Leaving Town

El Paso Artist Willibald deCabrera, who has been here since 1992 is moving to the Scottsdale area this month.
“We’ve been talking about doing this for years, but we always put it off because of the kids school,” deCabrera said, “But this year we just decided to finally go ahead and move.”

    He cited several major reasons for moving. First of all, Scottsdale is a huge art market, one of the largest in the country. “Many of the artists there already have national and international reputations,” deCabrera noted.  He then went on to say he felt that competing in that m,arket would make him a better artist. He felt it would make him work harder trying to compete against such a well-known and competitive field.
     He also said he noticed that the majority of the works there were representational so “I feel my work fits right in.”

     Originally from Puerta de Cabrera in Durango, Mexico, Willifred studied art and graphic design. He moved to El Paso in 1992 and studied art here. He finally devoted himself to art full time artist in 2000, and has consistently won first prize in a variety of contests.  He is known for his representation of human form in a dark  Old Master style,  
       His family has already moved to Arizona, and he has just been spending the last month tying up lose ends, and finishing up commissions and other things.  Next Friday and Saturday Sept 14-15, Hal Marcus gallery, who has represented him, will be holding a “clearance sale” of his works from 10-5. Willifred mentioned he will also be having a studio sale towards the end of the month to sell everything he doesn’t want to take with him to Scottsdale.



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