El Paso Times: Old News-You Lose

I see that the El Paso Times is running a large story today, Sunday, about the Binational design competition. Of course readers of this blog knew about the competition and the winning designs back when it happened on the 9th of August, almost a month ago.
Newspapers used to report the news when it actually happened rather then three weeks later like the Times, which tends to give its pages over to wire service reports on clever children’s lunchbox designs or the travails of Lindsay Lohan or some other young star for whom fame and fortune arrived before common sense and perspective.
Better late than never though for the Times. It is a pretty good story even if much of the important information appeared here ages ago and it is all old news. They can pretend they are current. I just want to know why those people get paid money to put out a newspaer when they are so out of date. David Sokolec


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