New El Paso Master Calendar

After long planning the Museum of Cultural Affairs department, Convention and visitors bureau and the County have come up with plans for a master calendar. One might think because this was an MCAD production that it would be in some way limited to cultural events, but apparently it has been decided that this is to be a “master calendar” which will be user driven. This means apparently that any organization here can list any event they have. People will be monitoring this, but it is the organizatrions who will make the listings.

This was just presented at city council. The city council, apparently technologically challenged had not one question. So they didn’t want to know about guarantees involving potential misinformation, they didn’t ask about whether organizations from Juarez could also list, they didn’t ask about the probability that if every organization of whatever type could list their event the list would be so long as to be unreadable. However a master calendar we will have and it will be found on its own domain or through the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website or MCAD.

Well, there are already lists through El Paso Scene magazine, and this little blog attempts to present visual art which is going on in both El Paso and Juarez.I would like to expand that but at this time it is only limited to the visual. It will be interesting to see what happens with a user driven master calendar. It seems to me the possibility for abuse is huge as would be the list, but it’s been a long time in planning so maybe they have all of this covered. There is going to be a press conference announcing this tomorrow, but, of course, you heard it here first.-David Sokolec


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