Juarez Artists to Show in Oaxaca-Artistas Juarense en Oaxaca

I want to congratulate the five Juarense artists who will be showing in Oaxaca on the 7th of September for a month, in an exchange arranged by Adriana Pena of the Museo de Arqueologia de Chamizal,
The painters who will be showing under the name of “Muestra Plastica Juarense” will be exhibiting their works at galleria 910 in a city that has become increasingly well known for its contemporary art. Earlier this year artists from Oaxaca showed at the museum and it was at that time that plans were made to send artists from Juarez there.
The five artists are Andrea Gussi, Cecilia Briones “La Catrina”, Arturo Alanis, Gabriel Diaz and Tomas Contreras.
I am afraid I am unfamiliar with the work of the last two artists, but Andrea Gussi who showed her sculptures at Seis Visiones at INBA and who had one of those sculptures also chosen to be in the Sister Cities: Testing Boundaries show at EPMA has created a series of paintings which are designed to be interactive. She has painted portraits full length and of faces, some clothed, some nude over tiles which can be rearranged or removed like a jigsaw puzzle. The viewer can either keep the painting as it is or can rearrange it in totally different ways. In Spanish the term for jigsaw puzzle is rompre cabeza or breaking your head. It is meant metaphorically, but here it can be a literal breaking of a head apart. Andrea told me that among other themes she is playing with the theme of communication: between friends, between family, between lovers but there is also a lot more going on on in her work. She is using the body to indicate a great many ideas and with this idea of including the viewer she is opening up another dimension.
Cecilia Briones, La Catrina, who was also in both the Seis Visiones and the Sister Cities shows, often paints abstract works or deceptively simple pictures that pack a lot of commentary, but for this show she will be sending faces she has drawn.
Arturo Alanis studied graphic design and his works play with forms and colors and establishing harmony and tension between the different elements.
This is a wonderful opportunity both for the artists individually but also for Juarez to show the talent which exists but which unfortunately does not have a great deal of opportunity to be seen.
These exchanges between artists arranged by the Museum of Arqueology and INBA such as the prospect of future exchanges with Cuba and an upcoming exchange with artists from Canada do so much to open up new ideas and new themes.
The exchange of artists with other regions and other countries helps to
promote continuing growth as well as to show there is so much more to this region than the negative stereotypes for which it is all too often known.
Again congratulations to the Museum, to Adriana Pena and to the  artists of  the “Muestra Plastica Juarense”. It should be a great trip and a great show.-David Sokolec
Quiero dar felicitaciones a los cinco artistas Juarense que mostraren sus obras en Oaxaca este 7 del Septiembre para una mes, en una cambio arreglado por Adriana Pena del Museo de Arqueologia del Chamizal.
Los pintors que tiene el nombre del “Muestra Plastica Juarense” exhiberara sus obras en galleria 910 en una ciudad mas y mas conocido por el arte contemporaneo. Unas meses pasado las artistas Oaxacan exhibido sus obras a la museo y estaba a este esposicion que los planes estaba hiciste a enviar artistas Juarense a Oaxaca.
Las cincos artistas son Andrea Gussi, Cecilia Briones “La Catrina”, Arturo Alanis, Gabriel Diaz and Tomas Contreras.
Lastima que no se los obras del la ultima dos artistas pero Andrea Gussi, quien ha exhibido sus esculpturas a “Seis Visiones” a la museo INBA y quien estaba incluyendo en la exposicion “Sister Cities: Testing Boundaries” a la EPMA,  ha creado una series des dibujos sobre mosaicas con el intention a ser interactivo. Ella ha pintado retratos-des rostros, del cuerpos entiro, unos con ropa otros desnudos que la spectador puede mueve como quiere. Puede mueve o puede eliminar los mosaicos. Este es en una forme de una rompre cabeza, pero el nombre normalemente es metaphorico, aqui es literal donde la retrato es del una cabeza. Andrea me dicha que entre otros themas elle juego con le thema del communicacion: entre amigos, entre familias, entre amantes. Hay mas que puede descubre en su obra. Usa la cuerpo para indicar mucho otros ideos y con este concepto a incluir la spectador abre una otro dimension.
Cecilia Briones, La Catrina, quien estaba tambien en ambos las Seis Visiones y la and the Sister Cities exposiciones muchos veces peint abstractos o dibujos deceptivemente simple que contiene mucho commentario, pero por este exposicion va enviar retratos del solo la cara.
Arturo Alanis estudio duseno grafico y sus cuadros juege con formes y colores y el establissemente del una harmonia y tension entre las elementos differente.
Es exposicion es una stupendo opportunidad por los artistas individualemente pero tambien para Juarez a mostrar la talento que existe acqui pero lastima no tiene la opportunidad a ser vistado.
Estes cambios entre artistas arreglarse por la Museo de Arqueologia como la cambio con Cuba y Oaxaca y una exposicion del Canada hace mucho a abrir nuevo ideos y neuvo themas.  Los cambios  artisticas con otro regiones y otro paises hace mucho por promocionar creciendo continual y mostrar que hay mucho mas en este region que la sterotipo negativa por lo que es mas bien conocido .
Una vez mas felicitaciones a la Museo, a Adriana Pena y a las artistas del “Musetra Plastica Juarense.” Promesa a ser una muy grande viaje y una muy grande exposicion.-David Sokolec


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