Museum and cultural affairs budget hearing

Tomorrow (Thurs july 19) MCAD (Museum and cultural affairs department will have their budget hearing at 9 am in the 10th floor of City Hall. They will have some of their budget cut as the city wants cuts all around. The question is how much and what. There will also be a big discussion about whether to close the archaeology museum and put the exhibits in the new History museum. Mayor John Cook, hizzoner the chef, was quoted in the El Paso Times as believing that the history museum has too few exhibits for the space and that nobody but schoolkids goes to the archaeology museum. Does his chefdom think there are no plans for more exhbits to be added to the history museum. If that is indeed so, then why did the city build such a t huge space in the first place? If it is not so, then perhaps it should be thought out again. Should be interesting-it is open to the public and I will have an update-David Sokolec


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